Product Sheets

Do you need product sheets or company brochures that sell your business to potential customers?

Does your company brochure address the needs of your customers? Does it truly capture the strengths and mission of your organisation?

Our brochure writing and brochure editing services help deliver your core message to customers, investors and other stakeholders. We have successfully helped dozens of clients, including Enterprise Ireland, eir Business and G4S Ireland, to capture their key messages and present them to a specific target audience.

    Company brochures from your customers’ perspective

    With any company brochure it’s important to tell your company story and how you can help customers, but from the customers’ perspective. We use our writing and interviewing skills to talk to your key people (those who know your customers best). In these interviews we capture points about the benefits your business offers customers and why your customers should trust you. We then present these points in a way that draws the reader in, putting the customer at the centre of the narrative.

    Even though we’ve moved to a more digital world, company brochures can still play a key role in your marketing efforts. They are excellent ‘leave pieces’ for your sales team and if you’re taking part in an event or trade show they can be effective marketing collateral to hand out to attendees. Our goal is to help you create company brochures that jump out at your potential customers and help you to drive sales.

    By the way, we also offer a design service for brochures. Alternatively, we can work closely with your designer of choice.

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